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26 November, 2009.  Happy Thanksgiving!  All's quiet...

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

The Planning Office indicates that MetroPCS has not, as of this date re-submitted an application.

If they submit a complete application by 10 December, then they could get on the schedule for the January 7 meeting of the Zoning Board of Appeals.  At  this point there is no way to know if they will, or will not attempt to do so.  In all events, we will keep you informed.

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Block captains, please review new content on the Block Captain Planning and Coordination Page.   Thanks!

20 November, 2009.  Small but important changes to drive collaboration.

New Blog Entry on Cell Tower Opposition Blog

Added Block Captain Coordination Page.  This page is designed to support communication and collaboration with designated Block Captains.  This page is accessed through the BLOCK CAPTAINS page.  The page is password protected and includes a collaborative forum.


I have been pleased to add many new folks to the EMAIL ALERTS.  I had not bargained on receiving several excellent suggestions.

We are adding a BLOCK CAPTAINS page to the site. This new page will help us to identify several new "Captains."  Each Captain will help us to spread news and information on their block.  This will not only reduce cost and effort, but help us to remain flexible in dealing with delays.  We would like to identify a captain for each block in the Oakwood/Oakland Drive and Bronson Blvd. area.

Captains will be invited to particapte at planning meetings, and asked to "get the word out" as this situation evolves.   Interested in co-captaining your block?  Many hands make work small!

Click here to visit the BLOCK CAPTAINS page to send a form indicating your interest!

12 November, 2009.  NEW CONTENT.  HERE WE GO AGAIN!  Click here for a guide to new content.

We had anticipated that MetroPCS would resubmit their application for variance on or before 12 November 2009.  If they had, then they would have been able to appear before the Zoning Board of Appeals at the 10 December meeting.

They did not make the November 12th deadline.  Accordingly, the issue will not be heard at the December meeting.

Find details and commentary related to this development on the Cell Tower Opposition Blog page, as well as on the Background page. 

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We will continue to track the issue and keep you informed.

Please inform your neighbors that MetroPCS will not be appearing at the 10 December meeting of the ZBA.  We will update you here if, and when they choose to proceed.  Keep sending those letters and emails, we love to hear from you!

29 October, 2009.  NEW CONTENT ALERT! Returning visitor?  Click here for a guide to new content.

 Welcome to the Opposition site!

Welcome to the Oakwood Cell Tower Opposition site.  Our goal is to oppose the construction and operation of an unnecessary cell tower on the grounds of the Kalamazoo Country Club.

Whether you live in Oakwood, any other part of Kalamazoo, or in any other zoned community, we invite you to explore this site for information and resources.

Above all, we are urging residents of Kalamazoo to attend the November 12 meeting of the Zoning Board of Appeals.  The meeting will occur at City Hall, in the City Commission chambers located at 241 W. South St. The meeting will begin at 7pm. 

October 28 NOTICE:  We learned on 10/28 that MetroPCS has decided to resubmit their application package.  As a result, this issue will not be heard on November 12.  Rather, if they deliver a new application by November 12, then the issue will be heard at the December 10 meeting of the ZBA.   We will keep you posted.

Click here for directions to the meeting.

We beleive that this meeting, and the outcome of this meeting will have a great impact on the integrity of residential zoning restrictions across Kalamazoo.